Box of Donuts

1M; 2F.
Est. 20 min.
Unit set or bare stage with set pieces.

An elderly couple is on their way to visit Niagara Falls to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary. They pull over at a streetfront urgent care medical facility in Buffalo to use the bathroom, and problems arise that threaten to ruin their plans.

An overly-eager and officious receptionist spots what looks like toenail fungus on the elderly woman’s foot and insists that it needs immediate medical attention. The loving husband agrees, but his wife wants to get out of there as fast as possible. Sweet smells from the next door Dunkin Donuts have caused her husband’s sugar addiction to go into high gear. She knows too well the danger this poses.

Finally, the wife is hussled off to see a doctor, and the husband is left with the smell of doughnuts wafting, beckoning. Will he follow his nose or follow his heart?

NOTE: This play may be performed on the same bill as ROSES TO PLAN and BETWEEN DOLLYWOOD AND DISNEY for a full evening about elderly couples and roses.

For inquiries, contact the playwright.