Theater becomes the cornerstone for social and political discourse on issues directly affecting Latin America. (The play) presented provocative situations. There were no solutions offered. We in the audience were left to provide our own answers, to ask additional questions, and to have our own political debate.

– Jennifer Holder, TC Daily Planet and Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder


The Great Dominican
Geoffrey Flores and Ernest Briggs in the premiere of THE GREAT ALL-DOMINICAN CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFF GAME at Teatro del Pueblo, Minneapolis, MN, directed by Steve Moulds.
3M (two Dominican, one African-American).
Est. 30 minutes.
Unit set with flexible space.

In 1937, racist Dominican Republic dictator Rafael Trujillo, yearns for the love of his people. He’s egotistical and maniacal, but thinks he’s doing right by the country. How can he win their love? Baseball is a Dominican obsession. Trujillo figures that if he has a winning baseball team he will be hailed as a hero.

Corey Walton as Satchel Paige at Teatro del Pueblo.
Ernest Briggs, Geoffrey Flores and Corey Walton as Satchel Paige.

Trujillo and his brother travel to Alabama to recruit Satchel Paige, a star in the Negro Baseball Leagues. Satchel is wary, but can’t refuse Trujillo’s offer of fame and fortune. At the playoff game, the stakes are literally life and death for Paige. Trujillo has surrounded the diamond with his men, guns pointed at the American players. If they lose the game, Trujillo will lose face and they won’t be returning to the United States except in body bags. Based on real people and real events.

HONORS: Finalist, Warner International Playwrights Festival

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