Plays that create new worlds – Soar with imagination
Burrow for forgotten feelings, bounce with laughter, surprise with twisty juxtapositions
Magic carpets whizzing back and forth in time
Touching down on the real, unreal, and super-real.


ALICE IN BLACK AND WHITE. Drama. 3F; 2-3M. The story of Alice Austen, an American photographer who bucked social norms in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

AN ECO-FABLE: SOONER THAN YOU THINK. Drama. 2F; 1M; 1M+F; 1 M. A wolf, rabbit, crow, plant and glacier combat climate change in this fable for tomorrow.

AS YE SEW… Drama. 3F. A waitress, her lover, and her tuned-into-the-aura-of-the-universe sister struggle for love one stormy evening in North Carolina.

THE BREAST MONOLOGUES. Drama and comedy (full evening). 3-17F. Women of different ages and ethnicities tell defiant, joyous, sad, sweet and universal stories about their breasts.

CLIMBING THE GOOD WALLS. Drama with comedy. 8-20 roles. Close-up look at people quarantined during a pandemic. Includes sparrows, cockroaches, a houseplant and the deadly disease itself.

CRITTERS – Monologue Collection. Comedy and drama (full evening). 3F; 7M/F (fewer if doubled). Ten monologues, either delivered by an animal or about an animal.

EVERYDAY EDNA MAE. Comedy-drama. 4F; 1M/F. Edna Mae yearns to be an artist, but life keeps getting in the way.

FRONTIER. Drama. 2M; 2F; 1M/F. Mother Nature is fed up but a messianic wolf is out to save the human race by stealing their babies and starting a new family of man that will respect the earth.

HARMONY’S AUDITION. Drama. 4F, 3M, 1M/F. A violinist struggles to put aside her career to raise her daughter with the odds stacked against her, realistically and surrealistically.

HUMANS REMAIN. Drama. 5F, 2M (plus 1F African dancer). (Mostly African-American cast.) A well-meaning “foreigner” attempts to rescue the White Cliff Kinfolk – a mixed-race family isolated from civilization in the hills of New Jersey for over 200 years. Love. Death. History. Magic. Nature. Belief.

LISTEN! THE RIVER. Drama with comedy. 2M; 2F; 1M/1F. A tough-talking cat, two sisters, a lovesick-doorman and his conflicted fiancee grapple with love, loss and new beginnings.

LOLA AND THE PLANET OF GLORIOUS DIVERSITY. Drama. 5F; 4M (without doubling, cast can be up to 12). What if the world was devastated by war and only six young people survived?

LUST & LIES. Drama. 2M; 1F. In 1831 Pennsylvania, a man is murdered. (Based on a true story.)

MARGIE DITCHES THE EXPANDABLE PIG. Drama with comedy. 9-21F. A woman with severe body issues withdraws from life. Stories from unexpected sources bring a roller coaster of emotions, ultimately delivering courage. A large dose of magical realism.

MARJORIE STONEMAN WAS NEVER ADORABLE (The Early Years of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas). Drama. 4F; 2M (if no doubling, roles for many more). A girl grows to become a force of nature. Based on actual events.

MENAGERIE – Short Play Collection. Comedy with some drama (full evening). 11M; 10F; 4M/F (but many fewer with doubling). Nine short plays with human characters but lots of animal characters too. Fun!

MIDNIGHT SUNRISE. Drama. 1M; 2F; 1M/F. Environmental crisis. Same play as FRONTIER, except Wolf is female.

MORSELS THREE. Drama. 4M. The power of imagination used to survive. The story of PLAY NICE! with all male characters.

PECKING ORDER. Drama with comedy. 4F; 2M (6F, 3M with no doubling). The true story behind the uproar about two red-tail hawks dispossessed from a swanky Fifth Avenue apartment building in New York City.

PLAY NICE! Drama. 3F, 1M (teens to early 20s, though may be cast older). The power of imagination is used by siblings to cope with the Dragon Queen – their mother.

THE POWER OF BIRDS. Drama. 3F; 2M. Family ties that bind and love that sets you free.

SEARCHING FOR A NEW SUNRISE. Drama. 5F. Is the impact of the Holocaust still affecting second- and third-generation Jewish descendants of survivors?

SUKI LIVINGSTON OPENS LIKE A PARACHUTE. Drama. 3F; 2M (many doubled characters – cast may be much larger). An artist travels with her younger self through memories from repressed ’50s and activist ’60s to recapture visual landscapes and her diminishing self-confidence.

TRIP-TRAP. Drama with healthy doses of comedy. 90+ minutes. Flexible staging. Opportunities for projections. 5F; 2-3M; 1-2 MF (depending on doubling). In a journey infused with magical realism, a young woman struggles to escape a dull storybook life.

WHEN SILENCE IS NOT GOLDEN. Three one-act, activist plays. (BLOOD SISTERS, OCCUPY! and THE FORTIFICATION OF MISS GRACE WREN.) Also available in publication.

A WOLF, A RABBIT AND A CROW WALK INTO TOMORROW. Drama. 2F; 1M; 1M+F. Three animals and a plant combat climate change in this fable for tomorrow.

WOMEN w/o WALLS. Drama. 4F. Death, love and a breakthrough on an express subway trip to an unknown destination.

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