The whole play is rather like a dream. Different images float by. Beautiful!

– Donna Spector, poet/playwright


Lola and the Planet of Glorious Diversity
Sammi Katz, Amy Mack, Angelita Esperanza, Lorraine Tai in Alchemical Theatre Lab Workshop, NYC.
5F; 4M (with double casting).
6F; 5M (without double casting).
Unit set with flexible space.
Lola from final show.
Carlos Angulo, Angelita Esperanza, Than Ta in workshop production, NYC, directed by Marcus Yi.

Humor, fantasy, music, movement and light combine in this highly theatrical fable for tomorrow. The world has been devastated by war. Nothing is left except sand – and six young people. One by one they find each other and try to figure out how to create a new and better world.

Each has a different talent to bring to the task. Power, beauty, analytical ability, imagination and ritual are necessities, they agree. Lola insists that love is the most important element. The others are so damaged from the loss of loved ones that they refuse to let love be part of the future. They turn their backs on Lola, and eventually clash with each other. Lola’s fervent wish for love is answered in a scene in which she interacts with three Aspects of God and emerges with the seed of hope in her belly.

The second act occurs in outer space. The individuals are so estranged from each other they are actually on separate, strictly segregated, orbiting planets. Lola is pregnant – floating free. Her need for love is greater than ever. “I just want a loving place to raise my child.” None of the planets will let her “land” because she is still adamant about the importance of love. God, played by three actors (seen differently by different individuals), intervenes when the planets decide to kill Lola.

Finally, Lola asks God for a new planet. She describes it. It sounds wonderful to the five diverse planets. They want to go there, promising to get along with each other – to let love guide them. The new planet will be created. A new beginning promises hope. The planets promise that there will be no fighting.

Premiere available.

SET REQUIREMENTS: Bare stage with sand and a few rocks for Act I. Bare stage for Act II.

– O’Neill semi-finalist.
– Moondance International Film Festival finalist.
– Selected for presentation at Albee Conference in Alaska.
– Selected for workshop at Looking Glass, NYC.

NOTES: Opportunity for a creative director with musical sensibility. Viewpoints method would be perfect!


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