Funny, heartfelt, pointed, PECKING ORDER (FEATHERS FLY) is an insightful comment on American environmentalism, the press, the power of celebrities. What makes it most poignant is that it is based on actual events. I loved directing (a reading of) this gem!

— Daedra Kaehler, director (NYC)

Feathers Fly

Drama with comedy.
4F; 2M (6F, 3M with no doubling).
Jay Lineberry, Jami Simon. 29th Street Playwrights. NYC.
Jay Lineberry, Jami Simon. 29th Street Playwrights. NYC. Photograph by Emily Hewitt.

Who gets to determine the pecking order in our society? What’s the story behind the true, headline-making uproar about Lola and Pale Male, the redtail hawks who were dispossessed from a swanky Fifth Avenue apartment building in New York City? The play pits two doormen at the building against the powers-that-be and Mary Tyler Moore against Paula Zahn. A songbird transforms into a young woman and an Hispanic woman transforms into a bird in this tale of haves and have-nots.

Premiere available.

Your play was a tremendous success! I am always so impressed at how much lightness and buoyancy you can write into dramatic subject matter.

– Paul Hufker (actor, playwright, reviewer, teacher)


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