(The play) is a thoughtful reminder that history past often understands the demons of the present. Kevin William Meyer (as Peter Stuyvesant) made us believe that stone was formed of flesh and blood. Dianna Collett’s Grace Wren was stoic yet lost, the very representative of irretrievable innocence in a world upside down.

– Jean Bartlett, Arts Correspondent for Pacifica Tribune (CA)


PLAYS - The Fortification of Miss Grace Wren
1M; 1F.
Est. 30 minutes.
Unit set.

Grace Wren, a middle-aged New York City elementary school teacher has been traumatized by the events of 9/11 – which were visible from the windows of her classroom. Schools open again tomorrow, but she can’t bring herself to face the children with their difficult questions about the tragedy. She wants to retreat into the past.

Grace has always had a place in her heart for a statue of the first governor of New York, Peter Stuyvesant, which is near her apartment. She confides in the statue about her misery. The statue comes to life. The blind Dutch statesman is ornery and egotistical as always, but moved by Grace’s soft heart and astounded that she can’t face the present. He helps her find strength. Their story is filled with humor, magic, sweetness and love.

– Samuel French Off-Off-Broadway Short Play Festival finalist.
– Multiple award winner.
– Early productions: Barefoot Readers (CA), Marblehead Little Theatre (MA), Polaris North, Looking Glass Theatre, Turnip Theatre and Manhattan Playwrights, Inc. (NYC), Waterfront Ensemble (NJ).

NOTES: Also see Monologues page: STAND STRONG, MISS WREN.

Next Stage Press. In a collection of three one-act plays: WHEN SILENCE IS NOT GOLDEN.

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