2M; 1F (boys are age 12 – see notes below).
Est. 45 minutes.
Unit set.

Samuel French Acting EditionWithout much choice in the matter, Arnie, age 12, has taken responsibility of taking care of his mother, an alcoholic and TV junkie who’s starved for affection. Her favorite show is one in which the woman contestant with the most tragic life wins. Arnie has maintained this balancing act and does well in school too. On this afternoon, as a blizzard approaches, Neil shows up at Arnie’s house to compare stamp books. Arnie is desperate to have this new friend, but his mother wants Neil for herself. A strange tug-of-war results between mother and son with Neil as the rope.

Queen for a Day TV show.
Popular tv show QUEEN FOR A DAY ran from 1946-1964.

Winner, Playwrights Horizons Theatre School one-act competition, NYC.
Winner, national competition at TADA! Children’s Theatre, NYC.

NOTES: The boys may be successfully played by slender actresses much older than 12.

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