Lil Toot montage

Comedy (adapted from TUGBOAT LOVE).
2M; 1F.
Est. 20 minutes.
Unit set (or a real pool) – see Note below.

Lil’ Toot the Tugboat is shy, but he is head-over-heels for the Statue of Liberty. A wise-cracking Gull tutors him in how to approach her. Toot bumbles. Lady Liberty, fed up with how tourists treat her, begins to walk into the Hudson River, headed toward her home of origin in France. Gull wants to go so he can sample some French food. Toot wants to go too, but he gets sea sick. The Lady walks deeper and deeper and almost drowns. Toot hauls her to dry land and in a last blast of courage he kisses her. Love blooms. Lots of sexual innuendo. Not for small fry.

Premiere Available.

NOTE: Written to be performed in a pool, but can be on dry land too.

For inquiries, contact the playwright.