Ms. Rice nails the ‘ah-ha’ moment that audiences love. The balancing act she’s perfected between outrageous humor and tender sentiment is an art form meant to be seen on stage again and again.

– Maureen Brady Johnson, educator, playwright (Ohio)


Women - ancient Greece

Drama with comedy.
3F; 3M (additional non-speaking women if desired).
Est. 45+ minutes.
Unit set with flexible space.

A fable with contemporary edge. In ancient Greece, women are fed up with getting no credit for their contributions to society. A woman steps forward to reveal that she created the famous sculptures credited to her husband (his name is Anonymous). Her friends are also prepared to stand up and claim credit in the fields of athletics and math. But the husband has been messing around with Kyamites, the God of Beans, who has come to Earth for some fun. Kyamites calls on Zeus and the women’s plans are dashed.

Premiere available.

DiscobolousNOTE: One of the male roles is for the famous sculpture, The Discobolous. The part is non-speaking, but a great opportunity for subtle acting.

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