Our readers expressed great admiration for SOON. Thank you for sharing such quality work with us.

– Eugene O’Neill Theater Center


Photos from a reading at Articulate Theatre Company. Actors: Michael Gnat as Crow; Desmond Dutcher as Rabbit; Crystal Edn as Wolf.
Drama in verse.
2M; 1F.
Est. 45 minutes.
Unit set – see Note below.

The future of the world hangs on whether or not humans will act to deflect an environmental apocalypse. Self-centered, blood-chilling Crow is obsessed with not losing his dignity by starving in a poisoned world. Funny, quirky Rabbit desperately searches for a mate to keep him company while all rabbits are deep underground during the oncoming catastrophe. Each of these three speaks in an individual style of verse. Wolf tries to enlist Crow and Rabbit’s help before Mother Nature lowers the boom. Will people listen?

Premiere available.

NOTE: Since the place of the play is a meadow, an outdoors production would be particularly wonderful.

For inquiries, contact the playwright.