There have been many dramas dealing with the death of a pet, but in a well conceived twist here a pet, Turbo the cat, must deal with the death of his owner.

– Sally Stott, The Scotsman


Listen! the River flyer

Drama with comedy (solo show).
1M/F (plays six characters).
55 minutes.
Unit set with flexible space.
Listen! The River
Wendy Peace in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival premier directed by Tracy Bersley.
Turbo the Cat
Turbo (Sears portrait).

Plug in your imagination. A funny, moving, deeply-felt story about love, loss, adapting to change and new beginnings. Human foibles and destinies are revealed through the eyes of a young Maine Coon Cat with attitude as his family suffers the illness and death of a daughter and sister. The story weaves gently through the specifics of everyday life, touching on the universal in all of us.


SET REQUIREMENTS: This play may be performed on a bare stage with only a few set pieces. In Edinburgh, the set pieces were four plastic Parson’s tables (from Ikea) which were rearranged for different purposes. Easy-peasy!

HONORS: Chosen for production at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with previews Off-Broadway and a subsequent showing in London.

NOTES: LISTEN! THE RIVER is also a full-length play requiring multiple actors.

For inquiries, contact the playwright.