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Parts of Me by Robin RicePARTS OF ME (an audio playscript for radio or podcast). Horror/comedy. 1M; 1F; 1M/F. (~15 min.) Two musicians travel to the big city to find fame and fortune. What they find instead is a zombie subway conductor looking for a tasty treat. How far will a musician go for Music?

EYES ON PAULINA, a short screenplay.

Play Fire & Ice by Robin RiceFIRE AND ICE (a radio play). Comedy. 1M; 2M/F. (~11 min.) The Twilight Zone is transformed into The Lair of Love. In this broadcast, a sexy ice cube and dramatic candle flame give in to passion for each other despite inevitable tragic consequences. First produced by Articulate Theatre Company, NYC.

This play freakin rocks!

– Wendy Mae Shelton – NYC director and playwright


Save the TurkeySAVE THE TURKEY! (an audio playscript for radio or podcast). Comedy. 2M; 2F. (~10 min.) On the day before Thanksgiving, Farmer Brown (who may remind you of a certain U.S. President) calls on the aid of Martha Stewart to deal with Tom Turkey and his intellectual, protective mother.

Robin’s voice resounds in universal relevance.

– Coni Ciongoli-Koepfinger, playwright


Happiwy Ever AfterHAPPIWY EVER AFTER (audio script for radio or podcast). 1M; 1F. Comedy. (~10 min.) In a fairytale land, a sleeping beauty with a speech impediment is discovered by a charming prince with his own linguistic problem. It’s love at first sight, but she is wary. Is he committed? Will that first kiss contain the promise of a golden future or will he ride off on his gallant steed without her?