We need more of playwrights like you who are willing to take chances and put out other stuff that isn’t the norm per se — but real art that is accessible to everyone.

— Joyia Bradley, New York City director


World Trade Center bombing and lawn chair

1M; 1M/F.
20 minutes.
Unit set.

Young David’s beloved wife died in the devastation of the Twin Towers in New York City on 9/11. He is sitting on his screen porch in New Jersey, looking across toward the city where the Towers once stood. He isn’t able to do anything. In his desolation, he imagines that if he sits without moving for long enough he will be absorbed by the air.

A crusty mailcarrier tries to deliver mail to David. David can’t get rid of the mailcarrier. The mailcarrier, who seems to have an ethereal connection to nature, is determined to deliver not only the mail, but a renewed life. In the end the mailcarrier touches on something that David cares about, and stirs David’s will to live.

HONORS: The play has been performed all over the United States, including at The Riant Theatre, New Georges, and Live Theatre in New York City.

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